Coding the NAO for kids

NAO Cadet brings the coding of an NAO robot within reach for younger kids, with a fun and colourful, block-based environment available on computers and tablets. Just follow the simple steps below and before you know it, they will be in control of the NAO, programming it to talk, dance, walk and tell stories using the built-in movements and sounds.

Install NAO Cadet

Download NAO Cadet for Choregraphe from our Downloads page and use the Choregraphe software to install the package on to your NAO robot.

Kids code the NAO using either the iPad or Android apps (available from the App Store) or using a browser on a tablet or computer.

Launch NAO Cadet

Load NAO Cadet on your NAO by saying the phrase “cadet”.

Open the iPad/Android app or follow the prompts given by your NAO on how to connect your browser.

Command and Create

Create your script using the built-in actions and sounds or create your own.

Share your creations

Show the world your creations using our forum or facebook page!



NAO Cadet works with any full-size version of NAO robot. While NAO Cadet may work on other NAO or Pepper robots, it has not been tested.

Installation of NAO Cadet on to an NAO robot

A computer running Choregraphe connected to a compatible NAO robot.

NAO Cadet clients

Coding using NAO Cadet requires either the NAO Cadet app for iOS/Android or a device with a compatible browser.

Apple iOS App iPad running iOS 11 or higher
Android App Android 5.0 (Lollypop) or higher
Browser Based
  • Google Chrome 67 or higher
  • Safari 11 or higher